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Financial Independence: Getting to Point X

How will I pay off my medical school loans?

Have I saved enough for retirement?

What happens if there’s a flood? Is the house properly covered?

How will we manage the mortgage and put the kids through college?

I’m comfortable right now, but should I be investing more? Or is it too risky?

Chances are at least one of these questions has, at one point or another, kept you from getting a good night’s sleep. Worrying about money is something almost all of us do. (And frankly, unless you are Warren Buffet, you have reason to be concerned!)

It’s true: planning a sound financial future is no small matter. There’s a lot to consider—so much that it can be disorienting and more than a little scary. Many Americans simply don’t know where to start so they keep living paycheck to paycheck, filing away the bare minimum into their 401(k), hoping for the best.

That’s what makes Financial Independence (Getting to Point X): An Advisor’s Guide to Comprehensive Wealth Management so valuable: it makes a complex, intimidating subject seem doable. This easy-to-understand guide to wealth management helps you figure out and eventually reach your Point X—literally the point at which you stop working for your money and your money starts working for you.

In other words, the book is a road map to financial independence.

Using financial planning strategies––the 10 key issues to comprehensive wealth management––and many real-life (though anonymous) client stories, John Vento helps you navigate the most critical factors that affect you and your family’s financial life. Most importantly, he explains how to employ current tax facts and strategies in order to save hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of dollars every year.

The book is a complete resource for anyone concerned with building wealth and financial security in today’s no-guarantee financial environment. Authoritative, comprehensive, and up to the minute, it is an essential financial guide for every individual and every family.